Build relationships with leading universities and higher education institutions in NZ and the UK to create a space for learned discussion and debate on the most relevant issues of today. 

Particular achievements in the field of Education are: Elman Poole Scholarships which allow talented young musicians to travel, train and play with professional orchestras, in particular the South Bank Sinfonia, and on return to New Zealand these scholars share their knowledge and inspire their peers. 

Cranfield MBA Scholarships that allow leading business graduates from New Zealand to study in one of the world’s most prestigious business schools; in turn beneficiaries create jobs and growth in New Zealand, and foster mutual business connections with the UK. 

NZUK Link Foundation Visiting Professor Series: Between 2010 and 2016 , the Link hosted with the School of Advanced Studies, University of London, this prestigious lecture series, in which distinguished New Zealanders were funded to travel to the UK to deliver lectures to specially targeted audiences on their specialty. Among the nine esteemed scholars and public figures were the inaugural Visiting Professor, Margaret Wilson (2010-11), Professor of Law and Public Policy, past Member of Parliament where she had several ministerial roles and was Speaker of the House, speaking on electoral systems, MMP and the new supreme courts; Anne Smith (2013), Professor of Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights; Michael Baker (2015) on epidemiology, infectious diseases, and pandemics like Ebola, now a leading voice in New Zealand’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak (and Wellingtonian of the Year, 2021); Judy McGregor (2016), on Human Rights and New Zealand’s international treaty ratifications; marine biologist, Jonathan Gardner (2011) on marine resources; and Professor Arthur Grimes (2013), economist and former Chairman of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, on banking systems. 

The Annual NZUK Link Lecture, London: Hosted by the Link since 2015 at the University of London, the series was reinaugurated in 2019 with a lecture delivered by Sir John Key. Future lectures, both virtual and face to face, will showcase the latest developments in business, diplomatic and intellectual relations between the UK and New Zealand. This flagship event will also promote opportunities to support the activities of the Foundation.