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Minsi Yang


Elman Poole Music Scholar


“The NZUK Link Scholarship provided me with rewarding professional opportunities and significant personal opportunities – I can thank Southbank Sinfonia for introducing me to my husband”.
Inspired by a violin teacher at kindergarten, and her father’s self-taught musical talent, Minsi started playing the violin when she was four years old. After finishing her university study at Victoria University in New Zealand in 2006, Minsi performed with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, Orchestra Wellington, Dunedin Symphony Orchestra and Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, as well as the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. The NZUK Link scholarship with Southbank Sinfonia (SBS) was a turning point in Minsi’s career, exposing her to wider musical influences, and enabling her to work with talented musicians from around the world. Minsi attributes her experience with SBS as improving her musical flexibility, maturity, and confidence. Minsi is currently freelancing in the United Kingdom, and has played with the Philharmonia, London Contemporary Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Opera North, Scottish Opera, and the National Theatre’s productions of 'Hymn' and ‘Amadeus’ with SBS. She has maintained her links with NZUK Link, most recently playing in the memorial concert for Dr Elman Poole.

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