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Neville Peat


“Shackleton’s Whisky”


Anyone fascinated by wild and remote environments, dynamic landscapes and unique fauna and flora cannot help but love New Zealand. I have explored much of this extraordinary island nation, from the far-flung tropical atolls of Tokelau – what I call ‘Farthest North’ – to the snow and ice of the Ross Dependency, Antarctica. These journeys and experiences have formed the basis of my books – more than 40 titles, spanning a quarter of a century. Through my words and photographs, and at times in collaboration with other authors and illustrators, I have tried to convey something of the essence of New Zealand – its nature, its geography, its ability to astound and inspire. Most of my books still in print have a Southern New Zealand focus. Natural history and geography are major themes – the Wild series, for example, and a series of visitor guides. A number of my titles have been published as e-books. These include the Lark Trilogy – all three titles – and Shackleton’s Whisky - with the help of the grant. I am most grateful to the NZUK Link Foundation for their help with this work. New Zealand and the UK have a close and historic relationship in terms of Antarctic exploration. This study has illuminated an intriguing international story that also demonstrates the close connection between the two countries. It points out the importance of international co-operation in conserving the Shackleton and Scott heritage in Antarctica.

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