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Application Form

1. EXCHANGE: What type of bilateral exchange between NZ and the UK are you proposing? Will this be an exchange of knowledge, services or materials? And with who are you proposing exchange: please define your demographic!*

2. INNOVATION: Please describe why you think your ‘project’ is innovative? Can you identify who your ‘contemporaries' and ‘competitors’ so as to contextualise your project? Very few projects demonstrate innovation through reinventing the wheel; most are incremental development steps: can you calibrate you project? *

3. TRANSFORMATIVE RELEVANCE: In order for a ‘project’ to have value, it must aspire to and demonstrate environmental, economic and/or social relevance. Please articulate how your proposal is and will remain relevant. What aspects of NZ and UK culture and society will it transform? 

4. RIGOUR: Please demonstrate the rigour of your project: the research, training, techniques and methodologies which underpin what you do?*

5. EMPOWERMENT: Please consider how your project could foster, engender and encourage other projects? How could your project assist the NZUK Link acquire funding such that we can help other NZers & Brits go on to do great things?*

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Thanks for applying!

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