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Annabel Drummond, 2018

Dr Elman Poole Music Fellow


Annabel Drummond, 2018

“The NZUK Link Scholarship provided me with an incredible opportunity to come to one of the musical hubs of the world, playing with world class ensembles, and meeting new people”.

Harking from a musical family, Annabel started playing the violin at four years of age. She completed a Bachelor of Music, at the NZ School of Music at Victoria University of Wellington and a master’s degree in Leipzig in Germany. After completing her post-graduate study, Annabel applied for the NZUK Link scholarship with Southbank Sinfonia, so she could remain in Europe, to pursue her professional career.

For Annabel, every day at SBS was different, with each week offering new opportunities to play in different ensembles and at different venues. Annabel describes her experience as ‘very full on, but definitely worth it’ and ‘a lot of fun’ due to the variety of experiences, huge learning opportunities, and great group of scholars she worked with. Working with SBS also prepared Annabel for the pace required to work in an orchestra in London, helping her prioritise and practise efficiently to play well with a demanding schedule.

For the past few years, Annabel has been freelancing in London, while also working as nursery teacher. She is planning to return to New Zealand to pursue her interest in music education, a passion she initially developed at SBS in her work with schools.

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